Holiday HUGS at Kate’s Club

Holiday HUGS at Kate’s Club


Holiday H.U.G.S. (Hope. Understanding. Guidance. Support) is one of my favorite programs at Kate’s Club. It’s a very special day at the Kate’s Club Clubhouse that brings all of our families together around the holidays. If you have lost a loved one, you know the holidays can be super tough. Imagine it for kids. But like everything Kate’s Club does, we like to make sure these families know how to continue to honor and remember their loved one, while also feeling ok with celebrating the holidays.

Saturday, we did a wonderful program that included making candles in memory of mom or dad. Here are a few of them; aren’t they beautiful?

Next, we have an amazing candlelight remembrance ceremony, followed by hugs and more hugs, all around the room. It’s a beautiful day and a very healing one for all of us.

The holidays aren’t just about giving tangible gifts, but its also about giving your time and more specifically your hugs, to those around you who need it most. That’s Living by Giving.

Make it a generous day.



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