A New Year, A New Perspective on Giving

A New Year, A New Perspective on Giving


(as published in Atlanta INtown Paper)

One of my favorite things about the month of January is just how positive everyone’s attitude is. Fresh off the holidays, with our new resolutions in hand, we tend to start the New Year with a perspective of optimism and excitement for the months ahead. This is just the attitude we need as volunteers in our community all year long.

Perhaps you dabbled a little in charity over the holidays, but now is the time to really get focused and connect to philanthropy that is personal and purposeful. It is my resolution for you in 2013. I often say the best way to live is to give, but that doesn’t just mean going through the motions. I call this type of philanthropy, “living by giving.”

When my mom died when I was just 12 years old, it was the worst day of my life. Never did I imagine that through the act of helping others with loss that would I feel a sense of joy around this experience in my life. As the Founder of Kate’s Club, I have taken this devastating opportunity to help thousands of children cope with grief in an empowering way.

Kate’s Club is a place where kids come to be with friends who share the same experience and learn how to live a full life colored by grief, not hindered by it. Kate’s Club is a place where hundreds of kids are living by giving, using their own struggle to reach out and help others, which ultimately helps themselves too.

This will be a big year for Kate’s Club as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and I intend for it to be a big year for all of you who wish to start living by giving. To take the first step I want you to start to change your perspective about philanthropy, just as I did. Instead of just measuring your good fortune and looking to give away your excesses, begin to look at your misfortunes. By looking at our own struggles, you can find a link from this root to a very powerful and purposeful philanthropic connection.

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