Incline: Helping Veterans Get Back to Work

Incline: Helping Veterans Get Back to Work



Took a road trip to a visit a Fort yesterday. No, not that kind of fort – although being Memorial Day weekend that would have been cool. My friend Garrett and I headed up to the northwestern corner of Georgia to Fort Oglethorpe to visit our bestie, Mitali.

(Side note: She moved back there over a year ago from the bustling District of Columbia to take care of her Dad, her Baba, who is battling cancer. Her story in itself is an inspiring living by giving one, but I’ll save that for later.)

As we relaxed, chatted and enjoyed a sunny afternoon together, she brought up a friend of hers who has started this amazing venture called Incline.  Mitali gets to meet a lot of amazing entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs through her work; I get the privilege of learning all about them from her. Always inspiring.

Yesterday, she shared about her friend, Brittany Laughlin. She is a brilliant young entrepreneur with a proven track record in the tech start-up world, has traveled to every continent and has a network worthy of Warren Buffet’s attention. She also grew up with a father in the Navy and has kept this community close to her heart.

Last year, Brittany, whose grandfather and brother have served in the armed forces as well, launched a new start-up called Incline. Incline has a razor-focused mission: To educate, support, and equip military veterans with the skills and resources to pursue full-time job opportunities in technology and engineering. I love it!

Here’s a video that explains more:


For Memorial Day, I wanted to share Incline with all of you. We are all just two degrees away from someone who has fought in the military…I know, can you believe it??!…so please tell a Veteran or someone you know about this program and let’s work together to help them find fruitful and prosperous jobs upon their return from defending our freedom! To me, that is what this day is all about. That’s living by giving!

We remember!

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