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Kate Atwood is a renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur, and executive, widely recognized as the visionary founder of Kate's Club, a community for children and teens grieving the death of a loved one. With her remarkable ability to inspire and lead others through times of transition, Kate is an exceptional speaker who resonates with diverse audiences seeking personal and professional growth.


Through relatable and inspiring storytelling, Kate sheds light on the transformative power of grief while honoring its profound impact on individuals and communities. With a curated approach toward each audience, she imparts insights and actionable strategies, providing unique wisdom to those searching for inspiration and progress during times of transformation.

Kate's speaking topics include:

  1. Kate's 5 Steps to Build Positive Change

  2. Reframing Grief: The Gateway to Emotional Freedom 

  3. With Gratitude, From Grief

It’s Time We Reframe Grief for Children | Kate Atwood | TEDxBigSky

It’s Time We Reframe Grief for Children | Kate Atwood | TEDxBigSky

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About Kate

Kate's career spans launching and growing impact initiatives across private, public, and civic business sectors. At 22, Kate founded Kate's Club, a nationally-acclaimed organization that provides community and support to children and teens facing life after the death of a loved one.  She is also recognized for her executive roles leading the Arby's Foundation and ChooseATL at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. 


Today, Kate is the Founder and CEO of LoCo+, a distribution platform dedicated to local content creators and filmmakers. She has appeared on ABC's The View, NBC's Today Show and CNN; and has been featured in People magazine, Adweek and Forbes. She was named to Good Magazine's global "Good 100" list and awarded the National Children's Rights Inspiration Award in 2018. Kate is a frequent speaker and the author of "A Healing Place," published by Penguin Books. 


Media & Awards

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Atlanta Business Chronicle's 40 u 40

AMA's Marketing For Good Award

Georgia Trend's 40 u 40

Children's Rights Inspiration Award    

AFP Philanthropic Leader of Tomorrow

Good Magazine 'Good 100' 

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