My life purpose is to help lead others through transformation. I have done this with children and grief, with companies navigating new endeavors, and even a city evolving around new generational economic systems and needs. 

I have lead people and projects through periods of change throughout my career, and it has left me with a great life lesson: when in pursuit of success, in any part of our lives, we must be able to recognize and welcome change as an opportunity, not an obstacle 

That's why I launched B.Essential. While most of us try to avoid change altogether, I look for it, seek it out. Why? Well, it's not because it's comfortable for me. It can be immensely uncomfortable. However, I know and accept that change is all around us. And more so, it is in the moments of change that our greatest gifts and greatest powers are revealed, if we chose to embrace it. 
Whether you are a person coping with loss, a community navigating newness, or a company experiencing change, it is in these times of uncertainty and discomfort, where what we seek can make all the difference in whom we become.

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About Kate


Kate Atwood is a creator, entrepreneur, and community leader whose career spans launching and growing impact initiatives across private, public, and civic business sectors. At 23, Kate founded Kate's Club, a nationally-acclaimed not-for-profit based in Atlanta that provides support to children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling.  She most recently served as the executive director of ChooseATL at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. 

As Principal of B. Essential, Kate takes on various roles from business consulting to community activist to motivational speaking.  Her platforms, projects, and companies allow Kate to contribute to the world in order to ease its comfort around change and transformation, revealing newfound value, and success for her clients and partners. 

Kate is a frequent speaker and the author of "A Healing Place," published by Penguin Books. Throughout her career, she has appeared on CNN, HLN, The Today Show, and ABC's The View.  She has also been featured in People Magazine, Huffington Post and Good Magazine.  She has received numerous awards for her work advocating for children. In 2018, she was awarded the Children's Rights Inspiration Award and the Philanthropic Leader of Tomorrow award by the National Association of Fundraising Professionals.  


Media & Awards

Atlanta Business Chronicle's 40 u 40

AMA's Marketing For Good Award

Georgia Trend's 40 u 40

Children's Rights Inspiration Award    

AFP Philanthropic Leader of Tomorrow

Good Magazine 'Good 100'