Introducing LTABL Conversations

(Let's talk about Loss)

Throughout my life and career, I have seen how uncomfortable most of us are talking about loss and grief, pain and sadness. Isn't it just easier when we talk or post about our joys and accomplishments?  Maybe it's easier, but it's definitely not as real and as rewarding. In fact, by not introducing this side of our lives into our most important relationships and most frequented spaces, including work, we are missing out on our most healing opportunities: those that offer healing amongst others. I'm launching LTABL Conversations to help empower groups to begin to talk about loss.  - Kate


For corporations, communities, advocacy groups, and even just groups of friends.

All hosts and guests must be over the age of 21. 



Death of a loved one

Supporting a grieving spouse/friend

Grief in the workplace 



Set the date and customize your conversation.



Using the LTABL invite template with sample messaging you'll be ready to send out your invites. 



Kate's 1o Declarations to Grow through Loss

  1. My grief is a journey; I let go of a timeline or stages.

  2. I do not aim to get over my grief; I aim to grow through it.

  3. It is through my grief that I meet creativity and compassion.

  4. I carry no shame in my sadness because sadness is my reminder that I know real joy.

  5. Because I know the pain of loss, I choose to give more grace to others, whether I know or not, if they are in pain themselves.

  6. It is through my strength that I recognize my grief; it is through my grief that I realize my strength.

  7. Although grief is personal and unique, I know it also uniquely connects me to others. 

  8. Grief is not my enemy; unresolved grief is.

  9. Grief will happen to all of us, which is how I know its important to share my grief with others.

  10. I grieve because I have loved...and that is a beautiful thing.