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Join Kate and her LoCo+ co-founding partner, Megan 

Kate's 1o Declarations to Grow through Loss

  1. My grief is a journey; I let go of a timeline or stages.

  2. I do not aim to get over my grief; I aim to grow through it.

  3. It is through my grief that I meet creativity and compassion.

  4. I carry no shame in my sadness because sadness is my reminder that I know real joy.

  5. Because I know the pain of loss, I choose to give more grace to others, whether I know or not, if they are in pain themselves.

  6. It is through my strength that I recognize my grief; it is through my grief that I realize my strength.

  7. Although grief is personal and unique, I know it also uniquely connects me to others. 

  8. Grief is not my enemy; unresolved grief is.

  9. Grief will happen to all of us, which is how I know its important to share my grief with others.

  10. I grieve because I have loved...and that is a beautiful thing.

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