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 founder, an executive and a community leader


Strategy & Consulting

"I believe the fundamental element to create impact is a shared vision. You must have it and you must convey it. Without a north star, the ability to plan, execute and measure will be ineffective and unmotivating to everyone, inside and outside of the company."

- Kate


  • Impact Business Strategy

  • Marketing and Branding 

  • Impact Partnerships (Across Sectors)

Film, TV & OTT

"Media is the pinnacle for creative impact, yet until now, film and tv have remained in the control of a very few.  Not since the arrival of the cable box has tv been more disrupted, making the OTT streaming era an exciting one. It will without a doubt give way for more diverse talent and new stories to reach the top and impact the world." 



  • TV Series Development

  • OTT Content Distribution

  • Over the Top Festival

Speaking & Media

"From even before the start of my career, exploring and pursuing a passion to impact the community and the lives around me has been my compass for both personal and professional growth. It's been intuitive and unconventional, but immensely rewarding. Most importantly, it has allowed me to define my own success."

- Kate 


  • Keynotes

  • Media Contributor

  • Impact Design Workshop for Leaders 

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